The Chinese food was pretty much flavorless and very overpriced—did not even come with rice. Maybe the dim sum is better? I’m only giving it 2 stars because the delivery man was nice.
This was the worst customer service I have ever received for so many reasons. We ordered the peking duck 3 course meal and added 2 additional dishes. The duck was wheeled out but left next to our table in the aisle for 15 min (while guests brushed by it) before it was cut and served cold. After the duck/wraps, we received 1 other dish and no other food for the remainder of the night. Our waiter promised to check on the food but did no such thing. Attempts to flag down other servers were rudely ignored. By the time 2 hours elapsed, we were fed up and told them we were leaving (it was now my 2 and 3 year olds' bedtime). Despite being one of the first tables seated (5:30 arrival), the many other tables that arrived after us had received their food. The manager made no attempt to rectify the situation and was more concerned about charging us for the 2 dishes that were actually served. I will never return and I urge others to stay away.
Every time I've gone for Dim Sum it's been consistent good food.